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N481RD is a 1968 Bell 47 (G3B-2) which was modified in 1979 by installation of an Allison 250-C20 turboshaft engine. The work was done by Soloy Conversions LTD, and the engine came from Dr. Bird's Bell 206B, which had been upgraded to a 206BIII. This is a good performer, a fine trainer, and a lot of fun to fly. The tremendous visibility from the Bell 47 cockpit makes this a great search and rescue ship.
N267R is a 1993 model American Champion 8KCAB "Decathlon". Unlike most of Dr. Bird's aircraft this one is largely unmodified, except for the installation of a second airspeed indicator visible from the rear seat in order to facilitate dual instruction, and a glider tow system.
1936 Piper J2 CubThe Taylor J-2 Cub (later also known as the Piper J-2 Cub) is an American two-seat light aircraft that was designed and built by the Taylor Aircraft Company. The company became the Piper Aircraft Company and the J-2 was first of a long line of related Piper Cub designs.
1964 Nanchung CJ6AThe Nanchang CJ-6A is a Chinese basic trainer aircraft designed and built by the Nanchang Aircraft Factory (now Hongdu Aviation) for use by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).
N21DB is an Alon A-2, 1967 vintage. Modifications include extra fuel capacity and folding wings. Completely restored in 1991, this one can be trailered with the wings folded, and can be set up for flight in just a few minutes. The A-2 is a well-kept secret and is generally underrated by pilots. Unlike the early Ercoupes from which it evolved, it has independent three-axis flight controls and yields performance numbers comparable to airplanes of much greater horsepower, while retaining its docile handling qualities.
N103DB is another Alon A-2, a 1965 model completely restored in 1998, but this one is much more highly modified. It's equipped with a 150 h.p. Lycoming engine, fuselage fuel tank, digital engine instrumentation and Unison Industries Lasar ignition system.
N1179S is a 1972 Schweizer SGS-2-333A sailplane purchased from Silverwood Theme Park after they discontinued giving glider rides at the park. This aircraft is quite basic and is generally in original configuration. Dr. Bird fabricated a custom trailer for transporting the Schweizer.
N113DB is a 1985 Grob G-109B motorglider of all-composite construction with a Volkswagen engine and composite propeller. While Dr. Bird claims to have no particular favorites among his collection, he does tend to be gone quite a long time when he takes this one out for a flight!
N781RD is a 1947 Republic RC-7 "Sea Bee". Extensive modifications include installation of IGSO-480 series engines (Geared, Opposed; Geared, Supercharged, Opposed; and Injected, Geared, Supercharged, Opposed) ranging from 270 to 340 hp, reversing propeller, lengthened wingspan, extended ailerons, modern instrumentation and avionics. Airframe restoration was just completed in 2001. This ship is characterized by excellent water-takeoff performance, superior visibility from the cockpit, and demands coordinated rudder input with all maneuvers.
NC901H is a North American AT-6. Dr. Bird flew a similar aircraft as a pursuit transition instructor at Palm Springs. This aircraft is pretty much original except for a few modifications required in order to obtain a civil airworthiness certificate, and installation of modern instrumentation and avionics. It is powered by the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engine, making 600 takeoff horsepower and turning a Hamilton Standard steel propeller.
N11PB is a DeHavilland DHC-1B-2-S5 "Chipmunk" certified in the experimental category and modified by installation of a 200 h.p. Lycoming IO-360 engine, a constant speed propeller and a one-piece sliding canopy. This aircraft was completely restored in 1992. It's fully aerobatic, has beautiful proportions and "flies as good as it looks". Dr. Bird says of the Chipmunk that it "flies like a little P-51". One other testimonial to the DHC-1B design: this is a 1956 airplane with no applicable airframe Airworthiness Directives!
N2803D is a 1940 Boeing B75N1 Stearman, restored in 1990, powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-985 engine and a Hartzell three-bladed propeller. This powerplant, engine mount and cowling are originally a Beech model 18 Q.E.C.A. Other mods include enclosed canopy (which actually improves visibility by lowering the cockpit sides), a smoke system, updated instrumentation and avionics.
NC4780W is a 1927 WACO model GXE-10. In a GXE-10 like this one Dr. Bird made his first solo flight at the age of 14.  
NC4780W is a 1927 WACO model GXE-10. In a GXE-10 like this one Dr. Bird made his first solo flight at the age of 14. This example has been modified by replacement of the original OX5 water-cooled engine with a Continental W-670 radial engine and installation of modern instruments and radios. The original fixed tail skid has also been replaced with a steerable tailwheel.
NC291Y is a 1939 Beech Aircraft Company model F-17-D "Staggerwing". Fast, rugged and reliable, this beautiful design represented a revolutionary leap forward in airplane performance and utility, and many are still flying today. Ours is powered by a seven cylinder Jacobs 755 cubic inch radial engine producing 275 horsepower. Enhancements include modern instruments, radios and navigation equipment.

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